CLAAS ARION 660 CMATIC CEBIS wheel tractor

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Type wheel tractor
Year of manufacture 2019
First registration 2019
Running hours 1643 m/h
Location Slovenia
Placed on more than 1 month
Seller stock ID A7700937
Speed 31.07 mi/h
Brand John Deere D.P.S. PSS
Power 189 HP (139 kW)
Fuel diesel
Condition used
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VIN A7700937
More details
A77/400 ARION 660 St4 CMATIC
TD_102_5489 480/70 R30 Trelleborg TM700 / fixed rim
TD_102_5489 480/70 R30 Trelleborg TM700 / fixed rim
TD_103_7369 620/70 R42 Trelleborg TM700 / fixed rim
TD_103_7369 620/70 R42 Trelleborg TM700 / fixed rim
TD_105_3844 3844_21490730/4123
TD_514_0004 0004_A.pilot ou D.Dy pont M50
TD_515_0003 0003_Pont avant susp N4
TD_522_0000 0000_Sans Faisceau 522/0010
TD_523_0002 0002_frein. pneu pour 151KW
TD_527_0001 0001_A.pilot+Siège méca/Sears
TD_539_0001 0001_Powerbeyond ET Ppress AV
TD_549_0004 0004_Rel Av & Ct Pos-Pont Sus
TD_567_0040 0040_Sans Pdf av N4
TD_571_0001 0001_siège SEARS + N4
TD_573_0001 0001_Siège tissu + N4
TD_577_0003 0003_Sans pré-eq.chargeur N4
TD_579_0030 0030_Electropilot N4
TD_585_0002 0002_Terminal + rail
TD_591_0002 0002_NON compatibles avec char
TD_621_0011 0011_Sans OSI+GPSready
TD_623_0010 0010_GPS ready St + ss OSI
TD_B02_0160 CLAAS front linkage, 4.0 t with vibration damping
TD_B04_0000 Without linkage-mounted weight block
TD_B06_0020 Front PTO 1000 rpm
TD_B08_0110 Electronic position control for front linkage
TD_B10_0000 Without pre-equipment for front loader
TD_B12_0022 Side rails for engine and transmission for front linkage
TD_B14_0120 External operation for front linkage and front spool valve
TD_I02_0041 CEBIS terminal with touchscreen
TD_I04_0171 CMATIC with engine speed memory plus CSM, CEBIS
TD_I10_0010 ISOBUS-enabled, rear
TD_I18_0000 Without job management
TD_I22_0050 AUTO PILOT module
TD_I24_0100 RTK NET correction signal
TD_I26_0000 Without TELEMATICS
TD_I28_0030 S10 terminal
TD_I29_0110 Activation of RTK licence
TD_I30_0110 CLAAS navigation controller
TD_I38_0000 Without video function in CEBIS
TD_I40_0005 Standard steering interface
TD_J02_0050 Electr. link. control, ELC with radar sensor & wheel slip control
TD_J04_0040 Lower links, cat. 3 with hook
TD_J06_0400 Lower link stabilisers, automatic
TD_J08_0132 Mechanical top link, cat. 3 hook
TD_J10_0211 Piton-Fix ladder hitch
TD_J12_0020 Rear linkage, increased lift capacity
TD_J14_0010 Drawbar, cat. 2
TD_J16_0010 Clevis hitch, rear, swivelling and height-adjustable
TD_J18_0020 Ball set, cat. 3/2
TD_J40_0132 Hydraulic brakes and air brakes (2 lines)
TD_K02_0050 Load-sensing hydraulics 150 l/min
TD_K04_0223 4 + 2 spool valves, electrohydraulic proportional
TD_K10_0011 2 front hydraulic outlets / 1 free flow return line
TD_K12_0020 Power Beyond, load-sensing connections without flat face couplers
TD_N02_0041 CMATIC transmission, continuously variable
TD_N04_0070 Transmission ratio 50 km/h
TD_N06_0350 PROACTIV front axle with wet multi-disc brakes
TD_N08_0200 Quick-release axle, external width 2.23 m
TD_N10_0003 PTO 540/540 ECO + 1000/1000 ECO rpm
TD_N14_0010 PTO stubs, 21 splines and 6 splines, 1 3/8"
TD_N20_0000 Without parking brake on REVERSHIFT lever
TD_N22_0252 Front mudguards, pivoting, 520 mm
TD_N26_0010 Without wheel spacers for rear axle (quick-release axle)
TD_N34_0000 Without rear wheel weights
TD_N36_0000 Without rear wheel adapter
TD_N38_0001 Standard transmission management.
TD_N46_0351 Steering angle sensor for braked PROACTIV front axle
TD_P02_0370 205 hp max. output, 189 hp type-approved rated output, ECE R 120
TD_P04_0010 Without diesel pre-filter
TD_P06_0040 Battery master switch, automatic, electronic
TD_P08_0010 Red diesel
TD_P10_0001 Without cold start kit
TD_P14_0010 Exhaust pipe, standard
TD_P18_0017 Fuel tank 370 l
TD_Q02_0012 4-pillar cab with 4-point suspension
TD_Q04_0013 Roof, without roof hatch
TD_Q06_0012 Rear window for 4-pillar cab
TD_Q08_0040 Rear wiper, with right-hand wiper
TD_Q14_0020 Electric mirror, with wide-angle mirror
TD_Q18_0023 Mudguard extensions, ext. width 2.55 m, wheel diam. > 1.93 m
TD_Q20_0032 Terminal bar, roof liner
TD_Q22_0010 Removable storage box, left
TD_Q30_0020 Additional interface sockets
TD_Q40_0030 2x high-level headlights, A-pillar
TD_Q50_0000 Without fittings for wide load lighting
TD_Q56_0020 4x LED road lights, 2x LED work lights on bonnet
TD_Q58_0020 Halogen work lights: 4x roof, front and 4x roof, rear
TD_Q60_0010 Work lights, halogen: 2x turn indicator holder, 2x rear mudguards
TD_R00_0001 Colour, seed green
TD_R02_0030 CEBIS
TD_R04_0110 Comfort seat, fabric, air-suspension
TD_R06_0020 Passenger seat with safety belt
TD_R08_0020 Automatic climate control
TD_R10_0020 MP3 radio, USB and SD
TD_R14_0010 Cigarette lighter and ashtray
TD_R16_0010 Steering wheel, standard
TD_R20_0000 Without dynamic steering
TD_S01_0150 Sticker 50 km/h
TD_S02_0001 Standard sticker
TD_S04_0010 Right-hand drive
TD_S06_0030 2 rotating warning beacons
TD_S08_0001 Equipment - European Union
TD_S10_0010 Registration plate holder, front
TD_S12_0000 Without wheel chock
TD_S14_0000 Without pre-installed fittings, first aid
TD_S16_0000 Without preparation for fire-extinguisher
TD_S20_0000 Without tablet holder fittings
TD_S22_0010 EU identification plate
TD_T02_0010 Truck transport
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